Manners Maketh Man (1300) - Manners make your child (2016)

We will teach your child:
  • Manners and etiquette (what they are and why both matter)
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Tact
  • Table etiquette
  • Giving, receiving and saying ‘thank you’
  • Conversation skills and communication
  • Telephone and internet behaviour
  • People skills, confidence and other life skills
  • What it means to be respectful.
We run private workshops and school workshops in Brisbane and on the Gold coast. Call for a booking or follow us on Facebook for the latest news! ‘Manners’ are general guidelines for good behaviour. ‘Etiquette’ is a specific set of social rules and expectations. Children need to learn both. When we also add in confidence, decision-making, people skills and communication, our workshops are one of the most important lessons in life you can give to your child.

Manners Maketh teaches children manners, etiquette and life skills in a modern world.

For the 700 years since English bishop and chancellor, William of Wykeham, first famously declared, “Manners Maketh Man”, manners have set the standard for human behaviour and helped formed the foundation for personal and professional success.

We know you want that success for your child.

Our children are living in a thoroughly modern world, but we know traditional standards still apply. It’s still important to show respect, to extend common courtesy, to understand social expectations in life and work. In fact, as the pace of life picks up, it is more important than ever.

Manners Maketh dusts off the traditional arts of manners and etiquette, packages them in fun, interesting and interactive workshops, and presents them to children as an important lesson in life skills.

We believe that teaching children manners should begin at home (and we’re sure you’ve done a great job) but we also know when children hear something from someone they don’t know, in a fresh and fun way, the lessons will linger in their mind.

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Our Trainers

Manners Maketh is brought to you by one of Australia’s pioneers of children’s manners and etiquette training, Heidi Fischer. Heidi is a mother, a skilled and experienced educator, and a compassionate and patient person. Her sought-after workshops were among the first of their type in Australia and are hugely popular with families from all over Australia.

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Our Workshops

Manners Maketh workshops are based on rigorous research and packaged and presented in a way that helps children to learn. Our workshops engage each child in fun activities, storytelling and role plays so the lessons come to life and the learning lingers in their mind. Children get to see for themselves how crucial manners, etiquette and the other important life skills are to lifelong success and healthy relationships.

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